Air Canada Jobs 2023-2024 | Application Guide

Are you interested to start working in Canada for Air Canada? If yes, here is a good news for you. Air Canada is now recruiting hundreds of applicants for various job positions in 2023-2024. Air Canada Jobs 2023-2024 are available for international candidates from different parts of the world. This blog post will explain in detail about this job, its benefits and step by step application process.


The largest airline in Canada, Air Canada, travels millions of people annually on local and international flights. As a top airline,Air Canada Jobs 2023-2024 will provides a wide range of employment options in numerous divisions and functions. There are numerous career choices accessible inside the organization, regardless of your interests, which may include aviation, customer service, technology, or any other sector associated with the airline industry.

One of the best airlines in the world is Air Canada. Their employees receive various additional benefits in addition to attractive compensation from them. Montreal serves as Air Canada’s corporate headquarters. Air Canada is one of the twenty largest airlines, according to the Worldwide Index. Working with the best technological operations team and others will throw light on your future.

Details About Air Canada Jobs 2023-2024

Job Country: Canada
Host Organization: Air Canada
City: Montreal
Deadline: Ongoing


Most In-demand Jobs in Air Canada

136 jobs are available at Air Canada right now in various locations.

All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply for positions in a variety of sectors. The list of some of the most sought-after positions at Air Canada are as follows;

  • In-flight services
  • Industrial electrician
  • Cargo services
  • Technical data controller
  • Flight operations officer
  • Aircraft maintenance engineer
  • Commercial Pilots
  • Information Technology

Available Job Positions at Air Canada

1. Cargo services

The cargo service of Air Canada offers many job opportunities for international candidates.

  • Cargo agent
  • Cargo manager
  • Ramp agent
  • Cargo sales and service manager.
2. In-flight service

The flight service provides many jobs position such as cabin managers, cleaning attendants, cabin specialists, and much more. They work to make a stress-free journey for their customer.

3. Industrial electrician

The air facilities and equipment at the airport must be maintained, installed, troubleshot, and repaired by the industrial electrician. If you want to apply for the industrial electrician position at Air Canada, you must have a license with C Electrician.

4. Aircraft maintenance engineer

The most sought-after position is for an aircraft maintenance engineer. Employees will work with Air Canada’s maintenance division. It is a duty of the aircraft engineers to decide whether the flight should take off or not. The duty of these engineers is to concentrate on problems with aircraft upgrades, troubleshooting, and aircraft repairs.

5. Commercial Pilots

Pilots are required by every airline to be on duty at all times and capable of flying the aircraft safely. Commercial pilots receive high salaries and perks for the duration of their careers.

6. Flight operations officer

Flight operations officers who cooperate closely with the flight crew are in high demand at Air Canada. It will be your responsibility to adjust flight plans to changing weather conditions and flight paths in a variety of situations. Ensuring flight security and safety protocols are under the control of the flight operations officers. The competitive salary package and perks are given to employees by the airline.

7. Information Technology

IT professionals with training and experience are required by Air Canada. Applications for this position will be accepted from people with experience in automation, cloud computing, and digital enablement. This is one of the most demanding and highest-paid employment in Air Canada.

List of Current Job Openings at Air Canada

Following are the current job openings at Air Canada.

1. RAMP AGENT (Station Attendant) Jobs

Ramp agents are in search of workers for both full-time and part-time job positions at Air Canada’s Vancouver Airport. Workers will be in charge of dealing and managing freight, airside operations team, baggage, airside operations team, and managing aircraft service vehicles.

2. Cargo Sales Representative Jobs

In Paris and France, Air Canada is in search of knowledgeable cargo sales professionals. Employees of the Cargo should be able to manage the fulfill customer expectations, sales of cargo items, and put cargo sales plans into action.

3. Technical Data Controller Jobs

Professional Technical Data controllers are required by Air Canada in Dorval, Quebec. If you have exceptional organizational, analytical, and investigative skills, then you must apply for this job position.

The average per-hour salary for a technical Data Controller is $21.81.

4. Aircraft Technicians Jobs

Near the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport, there is full-time permanent employment available for an airplane technician. Candidates must apply for this employment if they have four years of relevant experience, a high school degree, and an understanding of industrial tools.

The average per-hour salary for aircraft technicians is $31.51.

Eligibility Criteria for Air Canada Jobs

Applicants must follow the requirements for the position they are applying for. The criteria for Air Canada are below;

  • Candidates are required to have a work visa and work permit.
  • The age requirement for jobs in air Canada must be higher than 18.
  • Candidates must possess a high school diploma or a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant discipline.
  • Every applicant must possess a pilot’s license.
  • The criminal background of the applicants can also be checked by the Canadian government.
  • Know how to speak and write English very well.
  • Applicants had to complete the flight training course.

Benefits of Air Canada Jobs

The largest airline in Canada, Air Canada, provides a variety of career opportunities. A few advantages of working for Air Canada are below;

  • Paid vacations
  • Pension packages
  • Special offers on Airfare.
  • High salary package ranging from CAD 46,070 to CAD $102,344 per year.
  • For full-time workers, Health insurance is given.
  • Special discounts on hotels, car rentals, and tour packages for workers.
  • For an outstanding worker, an Award of Excellence is given.
  • Funds provision after retirement.

Documents Required

To apply for the job you must prepare all the mentioned documents.

  • High school diplomas
  • English language verbal/written certificates
  • Valid passport.

How to Apply!

The process of applying for Air Jobs in Canada is online. You must follow the steps below, to apply for the job at air Canada.

  • Log in to the official website of the job.
  • Find the available job.
  • Check all the requirements of that job.
  • Click open the application form, fill it and attach all the needed documents also your resume.

For more information and to apply for the Jobs, visit the official link.


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