Apply For SNHU Scholarships Program For International Students

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers a variety of scholarships to its students to help them achieve their educational goals. These scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, such as academic achievement, financial need, and community involvement.


Here are some of the scholarships offered by SNHU:

  • Presidential Scholarship: This is a full-tuition scholarship awarded to incoming first-year students with exceptional academic records.
  • Dean’s Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to incoming first-year students with strong academic records.
  • Transfer Merit Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to transfer students with a strong academic record.
  • Community College Partnership Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to community college graduates who are transferring to SNHU.
  • Global Citizen Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated a commitment to global citizenship and community service.
  • Military Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to active-duty military members, veterans, and their spouses and dependents.
  • Alumni Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to children and grandchildren of SNHU alumni.

SNHU also offers a range of other scholarships, including scholarships for online students, scholarships for students in specific majors, and scholarships for students from certain geographic areas. Students can apply for these scholarships through the SNHU website.

SNHU Scholarships Eligibility

Eligibility requirements for SNHU scholarships vary depending on the scholarship. However, some general eligibility criteria that apply to many SNHU scholarships include:

  • Enrollment Status: Scholarships may be available for incoming freshmen, transfer students, or current SNHU students.
  • Academic Achievement: Many scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, such as high school GPA, college GPA, or standardized test scores.
  • Financial Need: Some scholarships are awarded based on financial need, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or other financial aid application.
  • Major/Area of Study: Some scholarships are available for students in specific majors or fields of study.
  • Community Involvement: Some scholarships require applicants to demonstrate a commitment to community service or other forms of extracurricular involvement.
  • Military Status: SNHU offers scholarships for active-duty military members, veterans, and their spouses and dependents.

Students should carefully review the eligibility requirements for each scholarship they are interested in and ensure that they meet all the necessary criteria before applying.

Steps To Apply For SNHU Scholarships

Here are the general steps to apply for SNHU scholarships:

  1. Complete the FAFSA: To be considered for need-based scholarships, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit it to SNHU.
  2. Research Scholarships: Review the scholarship opportunities available at SNHU and identify those that match your eligibility criteria.
  3. Gather Required Information: For each scholarship you plan to apply for, gather any required information, such as transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, or other supporting documents.
  4. Prepare Your Application: Carefully review the application instructions for each scholarship and prepare your application materials accordingly.
  5. Submit Your Application: Submit your scholarship application by the deadline indicated. Some scholarships may require you to apply through the SNHU scholarship portal, while others may require you to submit your application materials directly to the scholarship committee.

Documents Required For SNHU Scholarship

The specific documents required for each scholarship may vary, but generally, the following documents are often required for SNHU scholarship applications:

  • SNHU Scholarship application: This is the standard application form required for all SNHU scholarships.
  • Official high school or college transcripts: These documents provide a record of the applicant’s academic performance.
  • Personal statement or essay: This is a written statement in which the applicant explains why they are deserving of the scholarship and how they plan to use it.
  • Recommendation letters: Some SNHU scholarships may need one or more letters from instructors, professors, or other experts who can attest to the applicant’s academic success, character traits, and potential.
  • Financial assistance applications: In order to assess financial need, some SNHU scholarships may require the Free Application for Federal Student assistance (FAFSA) or other financial aid applications.

Cost Of SNHU Scholarship

The cost of an SNHU scholarship varies depending on the scholarship that is awarded. SNHU offers a variety of scholarships to eligible students based on different criteria such as academic merit, financial need, athletic ability, and other factors.

The value of the scholarship may cover a portion or all of the tuition and fees, textbooks, and other educational expenses depending on the type and amount of the scholarship.

It’s crucial to remember that even with a scholarship, attending SNHU may involve additional expenses including accommodation and board, transportation, and personal costs. Students should thoroughly go over their financial aid packet and comprehend the complete cost of attending SNHU, including any additional costs they may have.

Students can utilize the net price calculator on the SNHU website to estimate the cost of attendance there as well as any potential scholarships that could be available. They can also acquire further information by contacting the SNHU financial aid office.

SNHU Scholarship Program Location

Manchester, New Hampshire, in the United States, is home to Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), a private, nonprofit university. The university offers both a traditional campus program at its Manchester, New Hampshire location as well as an online program.

Most of the SNHU scholarship programs are available to both on-campus and online students, depending on the specific scholarship. However, some scholarships may be restricted to certain student populations or majors.

On the university’s website or by contacting the scholarship office directly, students can learn more about SNHU scholarship opportunities and qualifying requirements. On the SNHU website, in the “Financial Aid” section, you may find the contact details for the scholarship office.

Final Words

This fund was created in Li Xu’s (also known as Oscar) memory, a student at SNHU. This fellowship is given to international and American undergraduate or graduate students who exhibit Li Xu’s powerful spirit of giving and sharing.

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