Casual Couponing: All That Should Be Known (Beginner’s Guide 2023)

You must have definitely heard about online coupon sites, sites which helps you get coupon code for other reliable site that offers services which you wish to obtain, well in this article we would be going over ways which you can get codes without having to go through this site, make sure you read this casual couponing beginners guide.


Recently I have being spending serious cash on items, groceries and I most atime have no time to begin scrolling through the internet for trusted online coupon code site, if you are like me then I recommend you keep reading till the very end.

This guide to casual couponing would help you a lot in Savings and you can even be able to save up to 50% of cash from each purchase.

What Is Casual Couponing?

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Casual Couponing Beginners Guide

There is something which is called the extreme couponing and we are trying not to reach that line cause an extreme couponer is someone who spends most of their time looking and searching for new coupons which can be used in the future as well.


But for the casual we are aimed at just finding coupon for the product I and our family use the most, we are not finding coupons for future purpose but rather for present times in buying necessary items.

As a casual couponer you need to know the coupons for items which you use the most and also the perfect time to use this coupons.

Couponing Basics

In this section we would be explaining to you what you will be dealing with and also some other saving technique for better discounted prices.


1. Do You Really Know Coupons

Manufacturers Coupon

Manufacturers which create products and distribute it to stores and retailers offer discounts and coupons codes which will help to promote the products.

Coupons created by manufacturers are known as manufacturers coupons, as they display the name across the top.

Store Coupons

Coupons can also be distributed by stores, this is another way which you can get items at a cheaper price the name of the store is usually displayed on the coupon.

Store coupon are usually carried out by stores to outwork their competitors and this not at time works because you begin to get trust and lot of sales.

Coupon Code

This is a reference code used by sites and online services which grants you discounted prices, gifts and some additional services.

Online coupon code is the most used type of coupon code which am sure you must have come across whenever you try to purchase something online.

Example of how coupon codes are written on online sites include: SAVE20, PICK50, CYBER50.

Printable Coupon

Stores can as well offer coupons online but when this happens you are required to print it and take the printed coupon code to the store before you will be allowed to receive the discount offers.

Catalina Coupon

Catalina coupons, also known as checkout coupons, are long, full-color paper coupons that can be printed out at grocery and drug stores’ check-out lanes right next to the registers.

Catalina coupons can be paired with other types of coupon which through lot of reviews have being seen to be people’s favourite.

2. Do You Really Know The Lingo

Coupon Stacking

You should know that a product can have more than one coupon which means you can use more than one coupons.

Although most times the manufacturer can make it clear that it can not be done at the top of the product.

Double Coupon Deals

This are coupon that is worth twice its value, if the coupon value is $10 off it would be double making it up to $20.


This is when a refund is mailed back to you after you successfully purchase a product.

Mail in-rebate are offered by manufacturers only and can be given when you purchase a particular amount of quantity.

“Available at…” vs “Redeemable only at…“

With the exception of coupons with store restrictions like “only at…”, you can totally use manufacturer coupons that have store suggestions at other retailers.

Steps To Casual Couponing

1. Where To Get Coupon

Sunday Newspaper

By checking things like newspaper you will be able to get access to good discount on some products.

This method of getting discount is a very valid step for casual couponing which is good to get discounts.

Printable coupons

This can be found in coupon sites such as, RetailMeNot, RetailMeNot Everyday, Smart Source, Lozo, etc.

After getting the discount you can print it out and give it to a shop close by to get your discount.

Couponing Sites

Websites with coupons can help you save a lot of money if you frequently shop online.

With couponing site you get given a code which if used to purchase a product you get a percentage reduced.

2. Always Match A Sale With A Coupon

Another step of casual couponing is looking for coupon for each item you want to purchase.

This can help you save a lot of cash from each purchase so it is recommended as a valid step

You have to figure out the stock price for each product before purchasing to mmximize your savings.

If you do not know how to check out the stock price you can check out Stock-up price list.

3. Triple Your Savings By Including Cashback

You use apps like Ibotta and Checkout51 to get partial or complete cashback for each purchase you make.

To do this you snap the receipt of the product and upload to the app then you get a cashback.

4. Ask For Price Matching

Many stores offer price matching but few shoppers have being seen asking of it.

By Asking for price matching you can see new product which are similar but cheaper in price.

Many shoppers are reluctant to ask for this but it is a good step to getting price reduction on products.

5. They Own You A Refund

With Paribus you can track price changes and also price reduction whenever it occurs.

If you bought drops in price they would offer you a refund.

The Bottom Line

With casual couponing you can can save a lot of cash from stores and online sites.

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Make sure you share this article to whoever might benefit from it, thank you for reading till the very end.


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