Which Coupon Sites Are Safe 2023: List Of Coupon Site You Should Know

If you wish to score good deals you should know that a good coupon site is very important, so we would be going over Which Coupon Sites Are Safe for 2023 so make sure you read carefully.


I always love walking out of a store knowing fully well that I have gotten a very good steal on deals.

Coupon sites are good which can help you save money as a lot of expenses are needed for your daily activities.

So coupon can help you reduce your every day spending and begin saving money for other important things.


Let us get started first with some of the basic types of coupons we have:

Different types of coupons

Which Coupon Sites Are Safe

You need to know the basic types of coupons, this is important as it would help you know the kind of benefits you have and how to better utilize them.

Each coupon have a fine print which you are expected to read to get the basic knowledge no matter the type of coupon you are using.


Manufacturers Coupon

This are coupons which are offered official by the manufacturers of the product, this coupons can be used at any store that accept coupons and sell the products.

Printable Coupons

This is very similar to the manufacturers coupon, but the only difference between a printable coupon and that of the manufacturer is simply the fact that you have to print it out before using.

You get this coupons from online sites we would be discussing about below.

Another place you can get this coupon is from the manufacturers main site, you can find this codes from different site and each has a unique code and a specific limit.

Make sure you respect the limit of each coupon you find from this online sites.

Store Coupon

This are coupons which are issued by a particular retailer or store, they are noticeable due to the logo.

You can take a store coupon to the store and get yourself a discount.

It is very possible to use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon together to get double discount.

Coupon Code

This are mainly for online purchases and can be gotten from the site itself or other sites that offer.

Example of how this coupon code can look includes ACE50OFF, CODE20

• Cashback

This is gotten most time when a customer purchases much products to a certain threshold.

After you have reached the threshold you get partial return or complete (rarely) return of your money spent.

Which Coupon Sites Are Safe

We would be answering the question Which Coupon Sites Are Safe? And going over some additional information as well.

1. Rakuten

This is a free online prrgram which is known for the free cash back service they give users.

Rakuten was formerly known as Ebates and over the past few years has changed name and become very reliable as well.

Rakuten service seems to be unreal to its users because they give you chance to get cash back from sites as well as offering you free coupon and coupon codes.

Now you will be wondering How does Rakuten give me the free cashback and how will you know?

To answer, Rakuten offers users a chrome extension which will help you successfully figure out whether a platform offers cash back for you.

2. Ibotta

This is also another very reliable and trustworthy online coupon and cash back app, with this app you can get coupons and cash back without stress.

But you get this cashback from performing specific activities and task this could include:

  • Watching Ads
  • Commenting on a product
  • Sending proof of payment of a certain product

You should know that the type of task will vary depend upon the product and the amount of cash back you will be receiving.

3. Swagbucks

With this site you can get a lot of coupon mostly in a printable coupon type.

Swagbucks is one site which you can earn printable coupons and after earning this you earn swagbucks which you can redeem for gift cards.

This swagbucks point can be gotten through offer methods such as taking surveys, watching videos and performing some other task.

4. Groupon

If you need deals for restaurants close by to you then Groupon is highly recommended, you can as well find out a lot of valuable travel coupon.

Groupon also offer thousands of coupons from different categories, most of this categories are services such as spa, car repair and travel discount.

5. Amazon Coupons

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce sites, you can get their coupons mainly from their sites.

Amazon products each other has a manufacturer coupon on each of them and this a good step to saving money.


With this site you can get a lot of coupons from both online stores as well as grocery stores.

You can as well earn cash back from purchase, although you well have to link your debit card to the site

7. RetailMeNot

This from the name are sites which offer coupon code from mainly retailers, by doing this they give them to opportunity to quickly check out the site features before heading to a store.

8. CheckOut 51

With this site you can get a lot of cash back and increase your savings, to do this you need to take a picture of your receipt.

This receipt shows that you actually bought the product so you might get a partial or complete cash back.

You can get your money back each day from this platform so it is very reliable and trustworthy.


This an international and local online coupon and cash back app which can give you the opportunity to gain coupon on simply any category of coupons available.

It is an easy place to assess all of your coupon options in one place, which is why it’s one of the best coupon websites.

10. Brad’s Deals

This is another couponing site but unlike the rest their services are very unique, with Brad’s deal website you will be giving the best time to purchase a product and also be given coupons to reduce the cost of the product.

You will see a variety of products on this site so make sure you check it out as this is another couponing site.

11. Slickdeals

This is very unique from other couponing site due to the fact that they work on a community level, you can get to discuss with people concerning products on their platform.

On Slickdeals products and services which are currently hot are shown in their homepage.

12. The Krazy Coupon Lady

On this site you can be given a printable and digital coupon, on the Krazy coupon lady it is very possible to get overwhelmed by the features.

Well if you feel confused the site offers a section where they go over all you need to know.

This resource is free and contains a lot of features beneficial to you so make sure you take advantage of these free resource.

13. BeFrugal

This app can help you cut costs while shopping, they offer cashbacks fot up to 5,000 stores.

On befrugal you are not hunting for coupon unlike other sites, you will be given a list of useful coupon with a click

With BeFrugal you can receive your earnings in form via PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit or Gift cards.

14. CouponCause

This is a good couponing site reason because they offer their profits to non-profit organisation some include the World Wildlife Fund, Feeding America, and the City of Hope.

On this site you can find coupons code and discount to top retail sites such as, Amazon, Target and JCPenny.

15. Hip2Save

They have a section on where to find freebies, as well as coupons from a ton of different retailers. Additionally, they offer frank product evaluations and shopping advice.

Hip2Save is a good site which you can use to find a lot of coupons and discounts code and also cash back features.

Why Should You Consider Using The Best Couponing Site

Well this comes down to the amount of time which you will be spending on the site and also the features.

One thing about wack couponing site or sites that still need improvement is the fact that you have to wait a long time and always be active on the site before you can see a couponing opportunity.

But with this sites mentioned above you can get a lot of cashback and couponing features by just one click on a button.

Which Coupon Sites Are Safe

The Bottom Line

Alright you can try all this sites which we have mentioned above and see which one works best for you, make sure you don’t use any coupon code you come across you have to first study the fine print and know what it is all about.

We have gone over some couponing sites to answer the question Which Coupon Sites Are Safe.

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