Harvard University MBA Scholarship for International Students In USA 2024

Applications are currently being received for the Harvard University MBA Scholarship 2024 for International Students who wish to study in the USA for a complete study program at the Harvard Business School which is one of the world’s most prestigious Universities offering one of the world’s leading MBA programs.


The Harvard MBA Scholarship is a fully-funded MBA scholarship for international students. This scholarship covers financial aid amounting to US$102,200 (US$51,100 per year) towards tuition fees. The University accepts students not based on their ability to pay tuition but based on their achievements and other talents. Approximately $33.3m per year is donated to support the Harvard MBA scholarships program.


The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is granted once every two years for a two-year course at Harvard Business School. The next Boustany MBA Scholarship will be awarded for the class commencing Autumn 2023. the foundation is Focusing single-mindedly on the betterment of mankind.


The Harvard University MBA Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Harvard MBA Scholarship, the candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

  • The candidate must have a solid knowledge of English and must be able to speak the language fluently.
  • Candidates must have a good academic record.
  • Candidates who must have been offered admission to Harvard University for the MBA program are eligible for a scholarship in the institution.
  • Candidates must apply for a Harvard University scholarship before the scholarship deadline.
  • Candidates must have an excellent academic background and show considerable promise. Although the Scholarship can be awarded to candidates of any nation, priority will be given to candidates of Lebanese descent.
  • Candidates may apply for the Scholarship only after receiving an offer of admission from the Harvard MBA programme.

2024 Harvard University MBA Scholarship Worth.

The Harvard University scholarship program sponsored by the Boustany foundation covers the following expenses.

  • The average scholarship amount is $40,000 per year or $80,000 in total.
  • The tuition fees that Harvard scholarship cover is worth US$102,200 (US$51,100 per year)
  • Harvard University scholarship may cover accommodations and a traveling fee of a student.

How to Apply for Boustany Harvard University MBA Scholarship

If you wish to apply for the Boustany Harvard MBA scholarship, please send a copy of your curriculum vitae with a photograph, GMAT scores, and acceptance letter from the University to:


If shortlisted, you may be invited to an interview with the Foundation. One candidate will then be awarded the Scholarship

Deadline for the submission of candidacy: 31st May 2023.

The Scholarship will be awarded during the month of June 2024.

The Boustany Foundation Internship

Successful scholars are expected to complete a two-month unpaid internship with the Foundation. Projects are varied and relate to the Foundation’s activities or those of its partners.

Travel and accommodation expenses related to the internship are covered by the Foundation.

To know more about the Harvard University and MBA Scholarship funded by the Boustany Foundation, please visit the respective official website addresses by clicking here



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