Jamzone Free Trial, get 3 days demo to enjoy IPTV service

JamZone free trial

Jamzone Free trial.

Free Trial Duration

Trial Duration: 3 days.

Free Trial Due price

Amount due after Free Trial: Starting at $24.99 per month.

Take Note of this: We noticed that Jamzone has No ratings on Trust Pilot or any reliable online source, to the best of our knowledge, the company is pretty shady their webpage is still under construction, so if you are submitting your credit card to them do that at your own risk.


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In this article, we will be discussing Jamzone Free Trial subscription, the Free Trial length, how to subscribe to Jamzone, how to conveniently cancel free trial subscriptions from Jamzone, etc.

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Jamzone Free Trial

Jamzone offers you 3 days to freely test their entertainments media, so you can decide if you really want to continue with them.

Take Note: I have made research to see who has used this Platform so I can get inside view of what is going on, but I can’t seem to get any reviewer even on Trust Pilot; apparently, they might be lying in wait to get your card details and charge money from it – continue at your own risk.

With Jamzone Free Trial you can have access to alot movie channels without limits, within your 3 days free trial subscription.

How long is Jamzone free trial

Jamzone free trials last for 3 days, and but you will have limited access to it.

Although they are a limited access on Jamzone free trial, it wasn’t specified and when I tried to contact them for more info, the customer live chat was just lame.

How do you subscribe to Jamzone free trial

In order to subscribe to Jamzone Free trial, you need to create an account on Jamzone.

To register for a Jamzone membership you will need to use your card details as a payment method.

You can also use a debit card, as long as it has a MasterCard or Visa logo.

The Below steps are how you can subscribe to Jamzone free trial subscription.

For our New Customers. Please follow these steps to try:

  1. Please create an Account first.
  2. Go to Shop.
  3. Place order Free Trial > Buy Now > Proceed to Checkout > Confirm Order
  4. Wait for the Confirmation (Your order has been placed!)
  5. You should receive an email within 10-30 minutes after placing an order.
  6. Your account info is also available in your account online when you login via website.
  7. This has your UN, PW, Provider ID and Device Link Codes.

Use the following steps to setup your Jamzone to start enjoying

  1. Pick Your Plan 
  2. Download to Your Devices
  3. Enter Your Credentials.
  4. Sit Back and Enjoy!

You will be provided with your IPTV streaming details.

How to cancel Jamzone free trial

If you don’t want to become a paying Jamzone member, please cancel prior to the end of your free trial.

Also, if you feel like opting out of your Jamzone free trials, you can do so by canceling subscription on your account page.

Even if you are on a Jamzone subscription plan and you need a break you can also use the below steps to cancel your subscription: 

Does Jamzone subscription auto renew?

Jamzone auto-renew its subscription, so it is advisable to make a reminder to cancel the free trial if you won’t be needing it when it expires.

Reminders will not only make you remember to cancel subscriptions; it will also help you not forget other free trials you might have subscribed to.

How much does Jamzone cost? / Jamzone deals and Discounts

Jamzone prices range from $24.99 to $68.55 depending on the plan you which to subscribe to.

  • For Basic plan you get 3 days free for $0
  • On the Advanced you get charged $24.99 for 1 month, you get unlimited access > and you can connect it to 4 device, No Contract, 24 hours supports.
  • On the Pro you get charged $68.55 for 1 month, you get unlimited access > and you can connect it to 4 device, No Contract, 24 hours supports and Monthly Drawings.

Does Jamzone have a money back guarantee?

Jamzone doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee policy; they only offer free trials, which should help you decide if you need the Services or not.

What are the alternatives of Jamzone?

You can check free trial tips games categories for a lot of movies free trials.

Pros of Jamzone Free Trial

  1. Offer a separate free trial without adding a credit card

Cons of Jamzone Free Trial

  1. Trial duration is short
  2. No reviews on the internet
  3. Some web pages are not yet built.

Final Wordings

If you still wish to go ahead with this free trial, then you should consider the above review, Jamzone is doing very bad online. No reviews or whatsoever.

If you have any comments or feedbacks, please feel free to mention them on the comment section below, we are always ready to answer.


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