Apply Shein Free Trial 2023, receive free cloths, no credit card required!

Shein Free trial program

Shein Free trial program.

Free Trial Duration

Trial Duration: 10 days.

Free Trial Due price

Amount due after Free Trial: pick another free trial.

In this article, we will be discussing the Shein Free Trial subscription, How long does Shein Free Trial Program last, how to subscribe to Shein free trial, etc.


Shein is among your number one stop for women, men, and kids’ wear, you get to choose, your size, color, or gender while ordering clothes from them.

Shein also has an active Amazon store, where you can purchase goods conveniently if you prefer to get goods through Amazon.

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Shein Free Trial Program

Shein’s free trial program is one of the best ways you can cut your cost on clothing if you can get your free trial products and review approved.

But In order to enjoy Shein Free Trial; you have to get your selected product approved first and then give an honest review of the item that was delivered to you.

If you fail the review, then you might likely never win any free trials on Shein again.

When you drop a review, and it got disapproved, you will only have one more time to try again, if you still fail to get a quality review, you will be banned from receiving further free trial delivery.

The Shein free trial center is where all the issues pertaining to free trials are attended to; you get to select a list of wears you want to apply as a free trial, wait till you get chosen by Shein automated system, and make a review on the product 10 days after it was delivered to you.

Shein Automated System assesses your activities on the website, they don’t want to give clothes to just anyone, so they will evaluate how much you have spent on the websites, and your previous reviews, and try to conclude if you will be a potential buyer.

Since the automated system evaluates reviews from your past free trials, if you have one, you wouldn’t want to mess your chance up. Try not to fail reviews or you won’t get picked ever again.

Is Shein free trial legit?

Shein Free trial is legit, you don’t have to pay money from shipping till the item is delivered to you nor do you have to bother about returning free trial products.

Since you don’t have to pay any money from A – Z, you get to keep free trial products then it is definitely legit, you just have to focus on getting your item approved for the free trial.

Moreso, you get to test trial products and drop reviews within 10 days from the date of delivery, if not you will be banned from getting free trials for life.

How does Shein free trial work?

Shein offers customers 3 chances to try and get free trial products weekly, meaning you get to pick 3 products in a week for a free trial even if you got approved or not.

If you eventually get a product approved by Shein automated system, Drop a review on the product within 10 days after delivery.

To increase your chances of getting picked by Shein Automated System for a free trial, you should have a good number of review points you must obtain by completing other activities on the website and mobile app, also get a good purchase record, and ultimately don’t get banned.

The system is looking to get potential buyers, not someone who came solely for testing out the free trials. By having a good point record with a complete purchase record, you will be able to get approved for Shein Free Trial.

If you want to keep getting free trials from Shein, you should be able to drop quality reviews according to Shein free trial central general review guideline.

Take a full body shot and 2 detailed photos of the product, of the product. You will also drop an in-depth personal opinion on the texture, design, fabric, size, and all other aspects of the product.

Shein Free trial report

If you fail to get picked by Shein free trial system, then you just have to try again, you might be lucky.

How long is Shein free trial?

Shein Free trial lasts for 10 days from the date of your delivery, so you have to get the review of your approved free trial product ready.

Although you can only pick 3 products singly per week to be approved for free trials, your review should be ready on the 10th day if any of them got approved.

How to get a free trial from Shein?

Getting a free trial from Shein is likely what everyone who shops on Shein will want to know, but before you can get a free trial, you have to get a deserving record on Shein.

That includes getting good activities points, get good submitted reviews, an active purchasing account, etc.

How to get a free trial from Shein

But we will be looking at the steps on how you can easily register for free trials on Shein.

  1. First, you have to head over to Shein Free Trial  Central page
  2. Click to select a Free trial
  3. You will be asked to log in but if you don’t have an account click on the register
  4. If you are registering, choose your location
  5. Fill in your email address and password then click Register.
  6. Select the free trial you selected initially
  7. Complete the size, Fill in Your Address and click submit.

Shein free trial is legit and works alright, but before you can get picked as a winner, you must not have gotten banned, get a good point and review the record, and get some purchase backings.

How to cancel Shein free trial?

Shein systematically gets products you selected approved, humans are not in charge of approval, so in other to keep a healthy system you can not cancel or change an approved free trial product.

You don’t have to bother about canceling Shein free trials once you get approved because of any hidden fee.

You won’t get charged even after your trial product has been delivered to you.

What you should be concerned about is giving a review 10 days after the product has been delivered to you, to avoid getting banned for further Shein free trial.

Does Shein Free Trial auto renew?

If you have successfully, completed Shein free trial review, it won’t auto-renew, you will have to compete for another winning position by going through same process of picking a free trial product, and wait for the system to announce you a winner.

So, Essence, Shein’s Free trial program doesn’t auto-renew.

How much does Shein Free trial cost?

Since Shein offers physical goods, you are supposed to pay for shipping in other to get their trial products like some company does but Shein cover all your expenses, you don’t have to pay for anything, you get your free trial delivered directly to you with no shipping fee.

Shein products are not free, but the free trial products are totally free, you don’t have to pay.

Does Shein offer returns and refunds?

If you want to up your chances of getting picked for Shein’s free trial, you have to try and buy some items from Shein.

So, it is only right you know about Shein’s return policy as you might consider purchasing products and putting free trials aside, Shein has some pretty nice stocks.

The Summary of Shein’s return policy is;

  1. If you are returning a product to Shein, you must return it within 45 days from your date of purchase.
  2. if you buy 3 items and you want to return them, the shipping cost will be free, but you will pay the shipping fee of $7.99 for the remaining two products.
  3. The return method is USPS and UPS

The steps to return products from the Shein website are;

  1. You will log in to Shein’s Account.
  2. Click My Order
  3. Click Return Item
  4. Select the item you want to return
  5. Choose your return/refund method.
  6. After that, you can now mail out the package
  7. Once Shein receives this package, they will process your refund to your wallet within 7 days.

Note that:

Shein doesn’t accept the return of broken or damaged goods.Including bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, beauty products, underwear, event and party supplies, DIY supplies, pet supplies, and accessories (except scarves, bags, and mermaid blankets).

They cannot offer refunds on cosmetics if the hygiene seal has been broken.

If you accidentally include non-SHEIN items by accident in your return package. they will not be responsible for sending those items back to you.

Shein has an active Amazon online store, where you can purchase items if you feel that’s more convenient for you.  

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Frequently asked questions

After the package has been delivered to you, your free trial will start and will last for 10 days, you are required to write a review about the product on the 10th day

No you can’t, if your item has been approved for free trial, then you have to stick to that one.

Winners are randomly selected through Shein Automated system, which considers your SHEIN account’s various credit records and trial integrity history and so on.

But don’t be discouraged, you can continue to apply next week! We wish you good luck

No, you can keep the items, but unapproved reviews can negative affect your change of winning another free trial from the next week.

Pros of Shein free trial

  1. You don’t have to pay a dime to get Shein Free Trial.
  2. Choose 3 free trial products to be approved in a week.
  3. You don’t return free trial products.
  4. Get a point reward for submitting an approved review; meaning you get rewarded for using something free.

Cons of Shein Free trial

  1. Getting approved is almost not easy since you will be relying heavily on chance out of tons of members.
  2. There are chances that you might fail review and get banned for life from trying out other free trials
  3. The trial duration of 10 days is too short.
  4. You have a short period of time to come up with a quality review, which might be challenging for people without skills.
  5. You get only two chances to submit a review for a particular product and must be submitted that day.
  6. Your free trial products are approved by an automated machine, which slims down the chances of getting your product approved.

Final Wordings

I will conclude this post by reviewing Shein and its free trial central.

Shein’s free trial program is an interesting strategy that gives users the opportunity to receive and review clothes for free, you get 3 chances to win a free trial within a week.  

Although it has its disadvantages, the reward of getting an approved review is about 100 points, which seems like you get paid to receive free things.

You can earn Shein points by partaking in daily activities on the mobile app, commenting on reviews on products, etc.

While browsing through Shein on trust pilot I noticed that most of the bad reviews about Shein are their delivery, apart from that all things were okay, especially people praising their products.

But if you want to beat the hassle of Shein delivery; Amazon can help deliver good quality products from Shein.

This way you will enjoy Shein Quality products and still beat their weak delivery.

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If you have any questions or feedback, we will be happy to hear from you, as it will help us improve this article.


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