Relaxium Sleep Walmart or Amazon store? see reviews, best deals & prices

We will be talking about Relaxium sleep at Walmart or Amazon, we will look at each price difference and the best deals available.


Although I will be including my affiliate links in this post; be rest assured this will be like the best review on Relaxium sleep walmart price and Relaxium sleep Amazon price.

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Relaxium can be bought in stores the most notable stores to buy Relaxium sleep are Walmart and Amazon.


Here you can get details of live customers’ reviews which should help you decide if you really want to go for that or choose something else. After writing two separate contents on Relaxium sleep, I noticed that Relaxium work for some people.

Amazon customer’s Relaxium Sleep Review

Amazon seems to be the place where this product is buzzing; we have over 10,000 reviews, and 92 answered questions.


The Below table is an insight into how Amazon customers rated the Relaxium sleeping aid.

Amazon 5-Star RatingAmazon 4-Star RatingAmazon 3-Star RatingAmazon 2-Star RatingAmazon 1-Star Rating
Amazon Relaxium Star Rating

Below is a Positive Review on Amazon

Amazon Relaxium sleep review
Amazon Positive Reviews

Below are some Negative Review on Amazon

Amazon Relaxium Sleep Review
Amazon Negative Reviews

As of writing, this was that review we got from Amazon; for a more updated review, you can check Relaxium Review on Amazon.

Walmart customer’s Relaxium review

Relaxium Sleep Walmart

The Relaxium sleeping pills are not doing well at the Walmart space, 4 out of 5 customers rated it bad, and a customer even recommended 10Mg melatonin as an alternative to Relaxium sleeping pills.

The Below table is an insight into how Relaxium Sleep Walmart customers rated the sleeping aid.

people buy more on Amazon than on Walmart, though it depends on where you feel like buying.

Walmart 5-Star RatingWalmart 4-Star RatingWalmart 3-Star RatingWalmart 2-Star RatingWalmart 1-Star Rating
Walmart Relaxium Star Rating

Though this review on Walmart is discouraging, what didn’t work for someone else doesn’t guarantee it wouldn’t work for you.

Why did I conclude this? It is because even the only positive review on Walmart was full of praises, and the good reviews on Amazon totaled 63%.

How much are Relaxium sleep pills

The cost of a Relaxium product varies depending on where you are getting it, please note that the below prices might change.

  1. Amazon offers two sizes; they sell 30 tablets (2 weeks supply) for $17.95 with a unit price of $0.60 per unit and 60 vegan capsules (30 days’ supply) for $29.98 price of $0.50 per unit.
  2. Walmart only offers Relaxium Sleep for $29.98 and also the 60 Vegan Capsules, and it’s for $54.
  3. The product website, offers a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. If you buy at, you can apply the discount code sleep19 for a discount.

Get 1 bottle of Relaxium Sleep on a free trial

Free Trial tips have written content on how you can get 1 bottle of Relaxium for a free trial.

But before subscribing to Relaxium free trial, it is better you learn how to cancel any free trial.

Relaxium customers can’t cancel their free trial, they have to contact customer care, which is bad.

Therefore, I will advise that if you are canceling Relaxium free trial, you should do it on the 5th or 6th day.

So you can have 24hrs evidence to file for a dispute with your credit card company.

Relaxium sleep works for some people, so if you are getting a free trial bottle, then you have to cancel if not they charge you an amount of money that might be difficult for you to get a refund.

The best way (which a consumer attests to) is to get Relaxium on Amazon or Walmart at a low price of $29.98, instead of taking the risk of almost $200 dollars.

My conclusions on Sleep Relaxium

You can rule out Relaxium that it won’t work for you, most customers attest that it works only for the first 3 weeks while some say it doesn’t work.

So, if you are new to the product, it is better to just get 1 bottle trial, but this can come with a big risk, a lot of people say even if they cancel the free trial they still get charged.

But alternatively, you can just get it on Amazon or Walmart store, saving yourself the stress of messaging a customer rep.

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