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Relaxium Sleep Free trial.

Free Trial Duration

Trial Duration: 14 days.

Free Trial Due price

Amount due after Free Trial: $119.90 per month.

Before anyone spends a penny on a product or service, it’s best to know if that product or service works as the company claims, and it is always advisable to seek information. So, we will mainly cover the most concerning topics about try Relaxium sleep free trial you will likely be searching for. 


Most businesses will offer you a free trial of their product or services to assure you, “Hey, we are what we claim to be,” Relaxium sleep pills are no exemption from this gesture.

Canceling this subscription, if you don’t want it won’t be a problem.

If there is anything I pick up while doing an intensive search if Relaxium works for sleep, it is that, for the most part, it works.


Most people use it effectively for the first three days, and then after that, it doesn’t do the magic again, and they feel like it’s not worth the hype, while some don’t see the need they bought it, and they feel like it’s a total waste of time.

But if I must rate the overall Relaxium Reviews based on whether it works, I will say 63% review it good, while 37 rated it as ineffective.

But before we fully discuss customer reviews, let’s look at the Relaxium free trial process.

Is Relaxium Free Trial free?

Here is a shocker, Relaxium sleep free trial is not entirely free, you have to pay a shipping fee of $7.95, free is supposed to be free, once you order for Relaxium free trial products its advisable to cancel subscription immediately.

This is how the try Relaxium sleep free trial works; Relaxium will offer you one free trial bottle for 14 days when you place your order; not only that, you also have a 30 days money back guarantee.

But of course, Relaxium shipping cost is not for free; they won’t just send a Free Trial bottle down to your address; you need to pay $7.95 as a shipping fee.

While trying Relaxium, if it works for you, you have the option to return it, and in case you need to return it, all Relaxium sleep pills bottles except the free trial bottle must be returned unopened

Also, contact Relaxium support to immediately cancel payments from your credit card to prevent further billing.

Tips to get a Relaxium Free trial: If you want a free Relaxium trial bottle, use a virtual Credit card, so in case you don’t want another billing or in case customer service delays canceling your billing, you can cancel the virtual card by yourself.

Regarding the issue of billing after a Relaxium free trial bottle, this is what a buyer wrote down on Amazon after he chose to return the Relaxium product.

I signed up for their “free” trial. Paid their 7.95 for postage. Was supposed to get expedited shipping – took 2 weeks to arrive. Tried for a week and did nothing for me. Still waking up around 4am and not able to get back to sleep. Then 1 month later they charge my CC for 89.99. Seems the small print on the “free” trial includes signing up for monthly shipments. Did call and got an RMA after a number of questions asking about my results. Sent back Nov 15. Will update this when the CC charge is reversed. 

By Jay Carpenter


Try Relaxium Reviews from Customers on Amazon and Walmart

Let’s take a look at Amazon customers Relaxium Review

Amazon seems to be the place where this product is buzzing; we have over 10,000 reviews, and 92 answered questions.

The Below table is an insight into how Amazon customers rated the Relaxium sleeping aid.

Amazon 5-Star RatingAmazon 4-Star RatingAmazon 3-Star RatingAmazon 2-Star RatingAmazon 1-Star Rating
Amazon Relaxium Star Rating

As of writing, this was the review we got from Amazon; for a more updated review, you can check Relaxium Review on Amazon.

As of writing, this was the review we got from Amazon; for a more updated review, you can check Relaxium Review on Amazon.

Walmart customer’s Relaxium review

The Relaxium sleeping pills are not doing well at the Walmart space, 4 out of 5 customers rated it bad, and a customer even recommended 10Mg melatonin as an alternative to Relaxium sleeping pills.

The Below table is an insight into how Walmart customers rated the Relaxium sleeping aid.

Walmart 5-Star RatingWalmart 4-Star RatingWalmart 3-Star RatingWalmart 2-Star RatingWalmart 1-Star Rating
Walmart Relaxium Star Rating

Though this review on Walmart is discouraging, what didn’t work for someone else doesn’t guarantee it wouldn’t work for you.

Why did I conclude this? It is because even the only positive review on Walmart was full of praise, and the good reviews on Amazon totaled 63%.

But Does Relaxium sleep has a side effect?

Many people rated it bad and said they experienced headaches and sleepless nights; others said it worked perfectly well without a side effect.

See some of the reviews in the picture below.

Amazon Relaxium sleep review
Amazon Positive Reviews
Amazon Relaxium Sleep Review
Amazon Negative Reviews

How much are Relaxium sleep pills

The cost of a Relaxium product varies depending on where you are getting it, please note that the below prices might change.

  1. Amazon offers two sizes; they sell 30 tablets (2 weeks supply) for $17.95 with a unit price of $0.60 per unit and 60 vegan capsules (30 days’ supply) for $29.98 price of $0.50 per unit.
  2. Walmart only offers the 60 Vegan Capsules, and it’s for $54.
  3. The product website, offers a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you buy at, you can apply the discount code sleep19 for a discount.

Here are the three major places to buy Relaxium sleep aid pills.

If you are looking for where to purchase Relaxium sleep pill, the best place to look at is Relaxium’s official website ||; here, you can try Relaxium sleep free trial to decide if this works for you; after 14 days, you get billed $119.90 for two months supplies.

However, contact their customer care through; if you want to cancel your subscription, please do it within 14 days of your Free trial.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of mailing support for bill cancelations and other depressing stuff, other places to purchase Relaxium are Amazon for $29.98 and Walmart for $54.

More information about Relaxium sleep aid

try Relaxium sleep free trial
Photo Credit: Relaxium Sleep

Dr. Eric Ciliberti, M.D made the Relaxium sleep pill. Clinical Neurologist, Sleep Expert, Developer of Relaxium® Sleep Founder, The American Behavioral Research Institute.

If you are wondering what the ingredients of the try Relaxium sleep pill are, it is made of Magnesium, Ashwagandha, Valerian, Melatonin, and Passion Flower.

It is unflavored and made for adults; the material feature is Vegan.

The Relaxium sleep pills make you; 

  • Fall asleep faster – 140%
  • Sleep longer without interruption – 266%
  • Wake refreshed and Alert – 69%
  • Improve concentration – 80%

My tip for try Relaxium sleep free trial

My take is this; alot of people complained that Relaxium still charges them even after canceling the free trial, so I will advice you get Relaxium on a store, then if it works for you, you can go for the free trial with confidence.

If you are opting to try Relaxium sleep free trial, use a virtual card, so in case relaxium doesn’t work for you; you can terminate it through your bank customer care within 14 days.

As seen in this article, a lot of people reviewed it effectively, so in case you want to receive monthly supplies then you should consider this advice on auto-renewal.

What are your thoughts or review? Please leave a comment below; this will further help us at Free Trials Tips to improve this article; we will be happy to hear from you.


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