Speechify Free Trial, how to cancel without getting charged – Free Trial Tips

Speechify Free trial

Free Trial Duration

Trial Duration: 3 days

Free Trial Due price

Amount due after Free Trial: $139.99 (Annually)

We will be looking at this Speechify Free Trial and how you can cancel speechify free trial conveniently.


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Speechify conveniently converts text to audiobooks; it can read and turn texts on pdf, Microsoft Word, Notepad, and even text on chrome to audio.

Suppose you enjoy listening to books more than reading. In that case, Speechify is for you, an exciting feature of Speechify is that you can increase the speed of the voice you are listening to; this will enable you to conveniently read a more significant number of books faster.


If you don’t want to spend money, you can use Speechify freely; Speechify is free to some extent, meaning there is a limit to how many words that can be converted to audio while on the free plan.

Speechify limits its words to 1500 (One thousand five hundred) for free plans and 150,000 (One hundred and Fifty Thousand words) for premium plans.

Speechify also has a free-to-use google chrome extension it will help you read text on your browser; if you have a subscription plan on Speechify, then you can use it on the chrome extension to break the free limit.

So, let’s learn more about Speechify free trial without wasting time.

How long is Speechify free trial  

Unlike other companies’ free trials, The Speechify free trial is very short, it lasts for 3 days, and if you make the mistake of canceling this free trial on the third day, you might likely get charged.

I noticed that most customers complain about being charged, even after they might have canceled their free trial.

Therefore, I will advise that; only apply for speechify free trial if you really want to work with this app, but if you must, then make sure to cancel it on the second day.

This way, since the free trial duration is 3 days, when you cancel it on the second day, if they charge your account, then you can apply for dispute and claim you gave them over 24 hours not to bill you.

How to subscribe to Speechify free trial

Speechify offers its services through two subscription forms; the first option is the Speechify Basic (free), while the second is the Speechify Premium (Paid upgrade).

You should note that Speechify premium is an annual subscription billed annually, costing $139.

Speechify doesn’t offer a monthly subscription, you are only billed annually, but if you calculate it, that is $11.58.

That means speechify charges $11.58 per month, but you can only pay $139 because speechify bills its subscribers annually.

You can only get Speechify premium for free when you subscribe for their free trial, which will last for 3 days; after that, you are billed $139 for the premium subscription.

With that established, let’s discuss how you can subscribe to Speechify free trial and enjoy Speechify premium for free.

Note that you can only take the speechify free trial if you haven’t taken it before and it last for 3 days.

  1. Create an account on the Speechify onboarding page (if you already have an account, click sign in)
  2. Select a payment method either with Credit Card or PayPal, click start 3 days free trial
  3. If your payment method is accepted, your account will be created.

Note that;

  • In order not to get charged, make a reminder and cancel it 24hrs before the free trial expires, that is, on the second day of the free trial.
  • But suppose you are okay with getting charged. In that case, you will be reminded via email on the second day, and you will be charged $139 annually; that is 11.58 multiplied by 12 months.

How to cancel Speechify free trial

Now, if you have subscribed to Speechify and you want to cancel your subscription, maybe because you got a better alternative, then follow the guide below;  

I will cover different methods you can use to conveniently unsubscribe from Speechify on any device;

How to cancel speechify free trial on their website

If you want to cancel the Speechify free trial on chrome, you have to log in through the speechify website and cancel it from your account.

  1. Login to your Speechify account
  2. Click on your account settings icon at the top right.
  3. Locate and Click “Cancel Subscription” 
  4. You will be asked to answer some questions to finalize your cancellation.

How to cancel speechify free trial subscription through PayPal

You can also cancel your speechify free trial subscription easily if you have used PayPal as a payment method. 

What you should do is;

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile at the top of the page.
  3. Click My Money > update beside My preapproved payments to find your payment.
  4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.

Remember that once you have canceled your subscription, you cannot use free trials again.

If you cancel a subscription, you will not get a refund, and you will not be billed the next circle.

Does Speechify subscription auto-renew

After a billing circle has ended, speechify will send you a reminder mail 24 hours before auto-renewing your subscription.

If you are in a free trial, they send it to you the second day before finally charging you for the Premium plan.

If you are billed, you cannot get a refund because they would expect you to have cancel the free trial during the renewal notice.

How to install Speechify on chrome

Installing Speechify on Google chrome can help you use the app to read text on web pages that you are browsing through.

But if you are on a free plan, you will only be able to listen to 1500 words, or 150,000 words if you have subscribed to the premium plan.

  1. Navigate to Speechify Chrome Extension
  2. Click on Add to chrome.
  3. When it is done installing, you will be asked to walk through some setup options.
  4. After that, Speechify will ask you to create an account (If you have one already, just log in to continue)

When you log in, the Speechify chrome extension will be able to detect if your account is on a free plan or premium plan.

Speechify prices, deals, and discounts

Speechify is available on two different plans: the free or basic plan and the paid or premium plan.

With Speechify Free plan, you can use Speechify for free without having to pay a penny, but there are limits to what you can do on the free plan.

Speechify bills its subscribers $138 annually, although if broken down, speechify subscription is $11.58 monthly.

So, let’s look at the comparison of speechify free vs. premium below;

Speechify Free Plan

$0 (Free)

Speechify Premium Plan

$139 / year ($11.58/month. Billed annually)

Does Speechify have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Speechify doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee policy; they only offer free trials, which should help you decide if you need the product or not.

Since Speechify made it easy to cancel subscriptions at your convenience, they expect you to cancel subscriptions if you no longer have use to them, so they don’t give refunds.

Alternative to Speechify, you can check out.

They are some apps you can use as an alternative to Speechify, which are free; they include Kurzweil 3000, TextAloud, SpeechParrot, ReadAloud, etc.

The best pick from many users and reviewers as an alternative to Speechify is NaturalReader;. However, it’s not free; it is something you should consider checking out.

Frequently asked questions for Speechify.

You don’t have to pay in order to use speechify, you can opt in for the free plan, just by creating an account.

Speechify can be used on Androids, iOS devices, even on chrome as an extension.

Speechify offers word limit even on Free plan or Premium plans

The free plan word limit is 1500, while the premium plan is 150,000

Pros of Speechify free trial

Cons of Speechify Free trial


Although the Speechify reviews I have seen so far about other people are that they got charged on their free trial.

I guess they waited until the last minute or hour before ending their subscription to the speechify free trial.

After I created my account when writing this article, I applied for the free trial and canceled it 24 hours (on the second day) before it expired; I didn’t receive any charges.

Please let’s get your feedback on this Speechify free trial through the comments, as this will enable us to improve this article.


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