GameFly Free Trial, Play Free Rental Games for 30 days, cancel anytime

GameFly Free Trial

GameFly Free trial.

Free Trial Duration

Trial Duration: 30 days.

Free Trial Due price

Amount due after Free Trial: $15.95 per month.

In this article, we will be discussing GameFly Free Trial subscription, the Free Trial length, how to subscribe to GameFly, how to conveniently cancel free trial subscriptions from GameFly, etc.


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GameFly Free Trial

GameFly offers you 30 days to freely test their rental games and movies, so you can decide if you really want to continue with them.

With GameFly rentals, you can rent games and movies without limits, within your subscription duration.


But the only limitations are that you can only have one rental at a time in your possession.

That means, before you rent another game or movie in GameFly, you must return the one in your possession.

You can freely rent Digital games or movies or GameFly but you can’t buy a rented game or movies in your possession.

You can only buy new or used games/movies from GameFly website at any time.

Although GameFly advertised no shipping fee on free trials, you get charged about $20 dollars or so for delivery, which gave them a lot rating of 1.5 on Trust pilot.

How long is GameFly free trial

GameFly free trials last for 30 days, and you can rent as many games and movies as you want but one at a time.

GameFly gave an average of 2 to 3 business days as their free trial shipping, but actually, it gets delayed a little longer.

But one thing they are improving on is notifying you when your delivery arrives.

How do you subscribe to GameFly free trial?

Gamers outside the United States regions cannot apply for GameFly, it is only available to United State residents.

In order to subscribe to GameFly Free trial, you need to create an account on GameFly.

To get GameFly membership you will need to use the following payment methods; GameFly currently accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards.

You can also use a debit card, as long as it has a MasterCard or Visa logo.

They currently do not accept money orders, checks, cash payments, PayPal, or international cards for monthly memberships.

The Below steps are how you can subscribe to GameFly free trial subscription.

  1. Select the 30 Days Free trial plan.
  2. Fill in a valid email address and choose a Password (Note: should be 6-12 characters).
  3. Select how you heard of GameFly.
  4. Click on Continue to create an account.
  5. On the next page, you will be required to update your shipping address.
  6. Input the required details (First Name, Last Name, Street, City, State, Zip code, and Phone).
  7. Click ‘this is also my billing address.’
  8. Click continue to verify your Billing Address.

After you might have successfully paid your membership, you are also required to choose a minimum of 11 titles on your Queue list, that way you will get the available title on your list as soon as possible.

How to cancel GameFly free trial

If you don’t want to become a paying GameFly member, please cancel prior to the end of your free trial.

Also, if you feel like opting out of your GameFly free trials, you can do so by canceling your subscription on your account page.

Even if you are on a GameFly subscription plan and you need a break you can also use the below steps to cancel your subscription: 

To cancel your GameFly membership use the following steps;

  1. Go to your Account Page 
  2. Locate and select Cancel My Membership at the bottom-right of the page.

If you are in possession of any rental game, make sure to return the game after canceling your subscription.

Does GameFly subscription auto-renew?

GameFly auto-renews its subscription, so it is advisable to make a reminder to cancel the free trial if you won’t be needing it when it expires.

GameFly sends reminders of a pending charge through your email address before you get billed on the next subscription cycle.

Reminders will not only make you remember to cancel subscriptions; they will also help you not forget other free trials you might have subscribed to.

How much does GameFly cost? / GameFly deals and Discounts

GameFly prices range from $15.95 to $29.95 depending on the plan you which to subscribe for.

You can get Games + Movies plans or you can go for the movies-only plans.

For the Games plus Movies plans;

  • You can decide to go for the free trial which will last for 30 days and you get charged $15.95 after your trial
  • Or the budget plans that you get charged $5 for three months; then get charged $8.95 per month after.

Other GameFly Games plus Movies subscription deals include;

  • 1 rental at a time for $9.50 for three months; then get charged $15.95 per month
  • 2 rentals at a time for $18.00 for three months; then get charged $29.95 per month

For the movie-only subscriptions;

  • You can go for Blu-Ray & DVD 30 days free trial; then get charged $8.95 per month.

Other GameFly Movies subscription deals include;

  • 1 Rental at a Time for $5.00 per month for 3 months; and then $8.95 per month after
  •  2 Rentals at a Time for $8.00 per month for 3 months; and then $13.95 per month after

Does GameFly have a money-back guarantee?

GameFly doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee policy; they only offer free trials, which should help you decide if you need the Services or not.

What are the alternatives to GameFly?

Instyav outlined the top 15 GameFly Alternatives and Similar Sites, which include G2A, Gamestop, Prima Games, Star City Games, etc.

GameFly Frequently asked questions

Yes, GameFly offers a 30 days Free Trial

You get charged like $1 to $2 dollars to authenticate your credit card, which will be sent back to you if you decide to cancel your free trial subscription.

Although the shipping fee is not free as they made it out to be; you get to pay $20.

GameFly offers a wide range of plans to choose from monthly, but GameFly starts at $15.95 per month for games + movies and $8.95 for movies only.

Pros of GameFly free trial

  1. Subscribing to GameFly free trial is very simple
  2. Canceling GameFly free trial Subscription is easy
  3. You can either signup for Games + Movies plans or Movies Plan only
  4. You can rent items while on GameFly free trial without any limitation

Cons of GameFly Free trial

  1. Although they advertised free shipping on free trials, they charge you the shipping fee of about $20
  2. GameFly customer cares are not really effective to handle subscribers’ issues
  3. You only get to have 1 game or movie at a time in your possession

Final Wordings

Although GameFly advertised free delivery and probably boasts they deliver in 2 to 3 days’ time, some reviewers say otherwise; that they in fact charge about $20 and deliver late than the stipulated days.

If you still wish to go ahead with this free trial, then you should consider the above review, GameFly is doing very badly on Trust Pilot which is bad for business.

If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below, we are always ready to answer.


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